Thursday, 7 April 2011

K-ON! - The Guilty Pleasure

With K-ON! still on-going, I decided i'd put my thoughts down why the series is so fantastic but because of its success at times; it makes me jealous on why other music anime hasn't got that same fan base. The reason for saying this is that I find K-ON one of the most awkward music shows ever made.

Of course it could be that K-ON! isn't intended for me, my favourite anime (BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad) and manga (Solanin) are part of this same genre but incorporate more interesting topics such as sacrifices for the band, strict music corporations, passion and worldwide music influences that range from rap to indie. While Hokage Tea Time gets the passion part very late in the latest series (Season 2 episode 20), I can't feel as interested in the series musically unlike my favourites along with Nana & Detroit Metal City.

K-ON's J-Rock/Pop is something that I normally tend to skip because of its over-the-top Opening's & Closings that I can't see to enjoy and there band progression to create music seems unnatural to me. Yeah I can understand Yui practices her guitar all day is natural but I just can't see it when they come together.

I will voice out though that this isn't a "I hate K-ON because its cute girls drinking tea" article, I do enjoy what Kyoto animation seem to excel at "comedy and animation".

Character interaction can be really hilarious at times leaving some memorable moments, as for the "Moe" argument as long as it gives the them more emotion then its not a problem with me. Plus its rare to find a comedy that doesn't really on ecchi jokes to get a quick laugh out of you (although there are a few stupid tropes that I do find in the series).

Although I do hate the series music it is 100% original and has a big interest in various famous guitar brands such as Gibson etc. It also a series that seems to given Japanese teenagers an interest in music and creating more bands in the future which I will have to say is awesome.

I suspect we will get a large amount of K-ON in the years to come but I will always rate the series as good. Its not "The best ever made" or "Excellent" in my opinion unless the series does something that takes me off guard but "If it not broken, don't fix it" will be the most likely outcome for the series end.

Solanin: Has everything I love about music and its consequences

If your interested here are my favourite music anime:
  1. BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad (anime, manga & live-action)
  2. Solanin (manga & live-action)
  3. Nana (anime, manga & live-action)
  4. Detroit Metal City (anime, manga & live-action)
  5. Interstella 5555 (anime movie)
In conclusion I will always be split on K-ON, on one hand you have anime that has good comedy, animation and characters; on the other hand you have a anime that can drag on, awkward music that I can't relate to and forgettable side characters.

Damn this guilty pleasure.

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