Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica re-watch episode 1 - It Begins....wait. (Spoilers)

*Huge Spoilers will be discussed here, if you haven't watched Madoka Magica yet, go back and watch the damn series*

With episodes 11 and 12 airing at the same time, what better way for me to re-watching the most gripping thrillers and an already contender for best anime of 2011 Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. I shall be going through one episode every day, discussing my thoughts back then and what I think of the episode now, this will be very interesting re-watch for me and shall get me excited for the last episodes.

Back in the Fall anime season, while both Soredemo and Arakawa Under The Bridge X Bridge gained very high scores and places on my Best of 2010 list, Madoka Magica adverts started to appear on Arakawa broadcasts, revealing characters and information every week until the end of the Arakawa broadcast. Since SHAFT studios produced so many impressive titles these past few years, Madoka Magica was on my list to watch but I was very certain that Kimi Ni Todoke 2nd season, my most anticipated would be the best of the Winter 2011.

My first record of mentioning Madoka Magica 1st episode was on the Muse forum (of all places) on the same day the episode was aired. As you can see from the link, I say my love for SHAFT and continue saying "they somehow make there new magic girl anime into a dark and epic show"; this my statement did say "Dark & Epic", I expect SHAFT to maximise those two words and forms them so well as later episodes show.

With many anime filled with it, i'm glad it wasn't.

Still, SHAFT did well to try and cover that as soon as that prologue finished and introduce Madoka as a normal young teenager, with like able family and friends and living a normal ordinary life but now that I'm re-watching it, it makes me feel uncomfortable and it somehow renews my excitement for watching this episode, definitely when Homura makes her appearance.

I will also credit the BGM since there are so many of then I want on my Ipod, Mami's theme still gives me goosebumps and as soon as a CD is available, then its a automatic purchase.

Looking at the episode in Homura's POV (Since she is revealed to be a tragic hero) her turned cold and non-emotional personality after four tortuous timelines of suffering, you really do feel for her. At the end of the episode in stand off between her and both Madoka, Sayaka and Mami which lasts quite a while, it could be a chance that Homura was thinking about telling the girls about Kyubey's true intentions. Giving me a bit of uneasiness.

The 1st episode re-watch ended up being more enteratining rather than a chore, its an anime that needed a second viewing and I can't wait for the next episode.

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