Sunday, 17 April 2011

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica re-watch episode 5 - Introducing Kyoko (spoilers)

*Huge Spoilers will be discussed here, if you haven't watched Madoka Magica yet, go back and watch the damn series*

"The introduction of Kyouko, a very entertaining fight in the alley way and a blasted cliffhanger. The series is still fantastic and one of the best." (Source)

So we are half way though my re-watch of the series and looking at my comments I was already sold on it being the best of the season but still worrying on if those expectations would be ruined by a single episode. I still remember this episode grip me and piss me off, in a good way.

A quick brief look at Sayaka turning into a magical girl still gave me chills and her overall happy attitude with Kyousuke recovered hand, its hard to take in.

Myself and many people had negative words about the new magical girl Kyouko, at first impressions she was a more aggressive and a rival to are two main female leads and an attempt to kill Sayaka would not go down well in the ever growing Madoka fan community.

A new challenger appears, get ready fighters...

It was also at the time where Morning Rescue was gaining popularity, this advert was played in the middle of the Madoka Magica airing, here are the reasons why:
  1. It comes out of nowhere
  2. With the dark storyline continuing to mount in Madoka with many depressing scenes, Morning Rescue is used to recover from it.
  3. Its actually a good commerical, makes me want to drink it. :D
Homura speech to Madoka about giving up on Sayaka brings up an intresting quote "I have to keep fighting no matter how much sin I have". At first it was nothing but it really is powerful now. She is such a great hero. An excellent fight scene against Sayaka and Kyouko ends with Homura stopping it, ending in a cliffhanger that had me shouting at my screen.

Episode 6 tomorrow and
03 days 23 hours 50 minutes 03 seconds until the last episodes airing. I just can't wait!!

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