Friday, 15 April 2011

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica re-watch episode 3 - What the.....? (Dear Lord Spoilers)

*Huge Spoilers will be discussed here, if you haven't watched Madoka Magica yet, go back and watch the damn series*

It was so unexpecting the director had to apologize for the episode itself but to be honest, I wouldn't of done it any better." (Source)

While there have been many shocking moments in Madoka Magica, this will be the most memorable because of how most viewers where shocked a
t a particular scene and a turning point for most anime fans. Thankfully I was one of the viewers that didn't know, until I actually watched it.

As soon as the episode finished I was straight on various anime forums, blogs, video reviews. Just to see if anyone else had that same opinion, a mixture of amazement and sadness that sweeped anime fans worldwide but overall this episode got a huge amount of praise for it's dark turn of events.

Mami :(

I was not expecting Homura to be quite shocked at Mami unfortunate end, she did tend to suffer through ever timeline or it could be the fact that she couldn't believe she would be defeated so easily but its always good to see Homura blow up Charlotte with her mines.

I was automatically hooked now and awaited the next episode every Thursday night or Friday afternoon, SHAFT did it again at episode three, thats how good Madoka Magica has been but I wondered (as did everyone else) if this series could do any better.

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