Monday, 18 April 2011

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica re-watch episode 6 - Revelations (spoilers)

*Huge Spoilers will be discussed here, if you haven't watched Madoka Magica yet, go back and watch the damn series*

"Anyway I think the series will keep me guessing to the end, I think I'll have to re-watch the series from here to see if I can think anymore theories.
I think I'm going to say this every week now: I can't wait for the next episode."

I would also like to quote one of my theories in my post: "So I'm just thinking, if the magical girls soul gem isn't purified then does that turn them into a witch (even monster)?" (Source)

My guess was pretty much spot on but because there where so many ways the plot could turn, then uncertainty was what makes Madoka so special, its never revealed to you until it is the right time to do so. Users where also guessing Ho
mura's powers, they were either fast agility or the power to stop time.

After the fight break-up and the constant strange things Kyubey does with the grief seed, was come to on of the scenes that made me smile, Kyouko playing the
Dog Drug Reinforcement (Tribute to Dance Dance Revolution) arcade machine while talking to Homura, this leads to the first talk about Walpurgis Night.

Homura Akemi...Total Badass.

The supposed death of Sayaka when Madoka threw her Soul Gem away; really had me shocked back then but now its just fascinating how Homura knew about the Soul Gem range and how she her from death. Maybe Homura didn't want Madoka to suffer the fate of killing her own best friend, since she asked to protect her back in timeline one.

Tension begins to grow and with three days left, excitement and suffering is only building up!!!

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