Saturday, 12 March 2011

Reevo Ponders...Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica (Is this the next big anime hit?)

Massive Japanese Blu-ray Pre-orders and a huge cult following worldwide for an anime that hasn't even finished airing yet, why has Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica got the whole anime community talking; why is everyone saying this is the Neon Genesis Evangelion of are time instead of Moe show's like K-ON! or Magical girl show's like Sailor Moon, when you divulge your time into the series, you start to realise why.

Back in my Top 3 Winter Anime list where I put it in the number one spot; I praise the series for it's well produced dark turn of events and it's memorable action fights; now as the series carried on, it became something to look forward to on Thursday's.

I'm avoiding spoilers here but there are plenty of emotion's you (and myself) would go through: Laughter, Sorrow, Horror and Hope for these girls and what a magical girl has to go through, similar to the emotional impact I felt when I reviewed the manga Not Simple.

Its characters are fully realised and believeable in every single manner. This mystical creature Kyuubey gives Madoka a chance to make one wish and if granted has to become a magical girl to fight these witches which is in the contract but there a huge amount of "fine print" that Kyuubey doesn't tell all magical girls and as episodes progess you soon find these revelations.

Sayaka who is Madoka's school friend also gets drawn into the same temptation, she become's this very likeable character who would protect anyone, yet in a turn of events; she becomes this tragic hero who you really feel sorry for.

Scenes like this can really grip you.

Currently the fan favourite (and mine) is Homura, a character with a cold personality and full of harsh words towards Madoka's friend's and colleague which is more suited for the main antagonist role but yet again the plot's slowly reveals her true intentions and is executed in a understandable way.

As said in the Top three list the Art style in Madoka Magica is brilliant and SHAFT do well to try & mix up the battle scene backgrounds and its futuristic world, same goes for the witch designs as well, they never looked dull.

Its been very fun to talk about it to fellow friends, as episodes progress we discussed new theories on what the next episode will hold, as well as show various impressive spoof trailers like the Inception & Sucker Punch ones.

Then you have badass scenes like this.

So who do I thank for this; well Aniplex, Shaft and Nitroplus studio's need huge thanks but Script writer Gen Urobuchi I have the most praise for this series, he has created a memorable story that I will remember for a long time.

So who would I recommend it too, anyone into anime to be honest. Its a series that you can't judge by it's cute pink cover.

Now I have to remind myself that there are only two episodes left, the series has landed a guaranteed mark on my best of 2011 already and I hope that this ends with a awesome conclusion.

Here's for a future UK release!

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