Saturday, 6 November 2010

Stephenson College reviews November 2010: Reevo's Free Corner (Anime Review) - Giant Killing

Lets face it, England and Japan don't have any major sports in common and a lot of Japanese shows I've watched point to the same argument, however from time to time they try to make something feel more appealing to the western audience, this is a good time to introduce you to a Japanese animation called Giant Killing.

So why do I say this feels 'western', well did you know that the first episode starts of in England where a Japanese manager Tatsumi Takeshi takes a village football team to the last 32 of the FA Cup. This signals what the series is about, a unlikely weakling team facing the best of the best and end up winning, think the David versus Goliath of football.

The Story takes place with the struggling East Tokyo United where the Tatsumi returns to help the team by becoming there new manager, through these episodes we see him as a unpredictable, calm manager; kind of like a José Mourinho.

As we meet the team and discover there strengths in training, the football matches begin with familiar football chants, great fan atmosphere and thrilling football set pieces and goals, plus there is a diverse set of managers and players from different countries and speak there own languages not just Japanese. I can write about how good this is for pages but I'll end it here.

If you a college student who loves football or even plays it, please take this review and give it a chance, it's got everything I love about football and it should entertain you.


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