Friday, 5 November 2010

Stephenson College reviews November 2010: Music Review - Sleigh Bells - Treats

On my final year at college and at a student council meeting, one of the teachers wishes to resurrect the student letter, deeming interest into the matter I ask for a meeting to discuss reviewing various media articles, however it will be hard for me to pick the sujects i wish to review in the future being that the college has a more chav base.

Still here are my three reviews I have done for the November newletter, there short but sweet ones but it gives me a reason to start using my blog again :D

Music Review: Sleigh Bells - Treats

Since this is my first music review for the Stephenson's newsletter and its very tough to pick a music genre that you would please everyone in the college, however my taste in tunes have varied throughout these eight years ,so I wish to bring you all new albums that you might not have heard of and do I have a treat for you! (pun intended)

This is the début album from the American duo 'Sleigh Bells' who while you may think on the outside that the cover signals a very teenage sensation pop vibe, when you dive into the inside to listen to it, its like a giant suddenly arose and hits you in the face and pounds you for 30 minutes.

What I'm trying to say is this album is loud, VERY loud, its an album where you can put it in your car, turn up the bass and hear the sound punish your ears, which turns out to be the albums big strong points with track examples 'Infinity guitars' and 'Crown On The Ground' which got a nod from one of best tracks of 2010 so far.

The album also uses a lot of distortion guitar which has become one the norm in music now-a-days like auto tune, it gives the album a bit of roughness to this aggressive album which works most of the time, plus the aggressiveness continues with Alexis Krauss vocals, but she is not afraid to sound light hearted like on the track “Rill Rill” which is very good feeling song.

In Conclusion

Although its not going to be on my favourite albums of the year, 'Sleigh Bells – Treats' is a solid début and if you want a different pop album that's loud and proud then please check it out.


Reevo's Track Recommendation's : 'Crown On The Ground', 'Infinity guitars', 'Rill Rill'

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