Saturday, 6 November 2010

Stephenson College reviews November 2010: Game Review - Halo Reach

If your a gamer then you should know the Halo series, after a good nine years since the first excellent Halo Combat Evolved game, the series has become a bit uninteresting since then, not to say that Halo 2, 3 and ODST where bad games but they suffered from short campaigns and the lackluster on-line gameplay but can the prequel and the last game of the series change my opinion.

The game is based off the events before the first game, where the colonized human planet named Reach is under attack from unknown forces, you are the mute Spartan Noble Six, who joins a Spartan team to investigate this foreign entity. The story does well with its pacing and shows some great voice acting, if you know the Halo story then the end won't surprise you but its very passable.

Gameplay sticks to the old formula with some changes, Duel-welding is axed in the favour of power up items, these can range up to bubble shields, jetpacks, sprint etc. All weapons from previous games show along with some new ones like the Needle Rifle and the destructive Plasma Launcher. Using these weapons are fun to use at first but you might find yourself sticking to one weapon in future battles.

The campaign might take around 8-10 hours depending on the difficulty but Reach really shines in its multiplayer modes, a first for the series is the credit system where you complete daily or weekly challenges to earn credits to buy gear for you character.

Many modes include the basic team deathmatch's, capture the flag etc, the Firefight mode where you can face waves of enemies to see how long you can survive and Forge mode which lets you build your own levels and record your own movies.

In Conclusion

The Single Player mode is good and a massive amount of content in multiplayer is awesome, its not going to be my favourite game of the year for sure but I can safely say that this is a game worth the full retail price.


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