Sunday, 25 April 2010

Anime - Itazura na Kiss (High School to Scrubs)

Continuing my look through various anime Rom-Coms it becomes hard for me to pick one now since there are so many of them out in the anime world, looking through various anime sites and suggestions without spoiling the story itself, 'Itazura na Kiss' was next on my list and found the concept quite decent but not fantastic.

The series follows 'Kotoko Aihara' the female protagonist who seems to be a bit on the dumb side of things but she is kind and very determined throughout the series, she falls in love with the male protagonist 'Naoki Irie' who is the complete opposite, his very smart and and can do almost any task but suffers from being a twat from time to time.

Naoki ignores Kotoko at school but what brings them together however is an incident where Kotoko's home is destroyed by an earthquake and her Dad is good friends with Naoki father so Kotoko goes to live with Naoki family.

I think in the viewpoint of Kotoko 'Itazura na Kiss' story is split up into five chapters throughout 24 episodes.

Chapter 1 - High School
Chapter 2 - College
Chapter 3 - Switched College Course
Chapter 4 - Job
Chapter 5 - Episode Conclusion

So your getting an anime with a lot of progression but the pace within every episode is very good and keeps you engaged.

I was also surprised at the amount of character development put into this, I think my highlight is Naoki's weaknesses, although his prefect at everything he does, he feels too prefect and doesn't develop any goals for himself, he could go to the best universities in Japan but he can't see any reason why he should, its very interesting.

This picture pretty much sums up there personalities.

You also meet alot of secondary characters throughout the series which centres around Kotoko and Naoki relationship, some friends and some colleagues that deliver support or dilemmas.

The ending is well done summing up the anime very nicely and made me feel satisfied to the end.

Art is decent with a mix of new and old colours, its nothing fantastic to look but I can understand why the studio would stick with this kind of art.

It a really gripping anime when it comes to it romantic and dramatic parts however my only major gripe with it is that its rarly funny, I can't remember any parts where I at least chuckled where parts that were supposed to be.

Romantic - Yes, Comedy - No, however this should not put you off if you want a great Romance anime to watch, its got enough drama and suspense to suit your needs if this is the type of thing you want to watch.


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