Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Music - Marmaduke duke - Duke Pandemonium

Returning after a impressive debut album, Marmaduke Duke continue there journey with there 2nd album 'Duke Pandemonium'.

First if you don't know who this band is the band members are The Dragon (JP Reid of Sucioperro) and The Atmosphere (Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro). I have been following Biffy Clyro a while now and I was quite surprised I didn't hear about Marmaduke Duke, I think it was the lack of video releases from the debut.

Its quite a change from Magnificent duke, they have gone for a more funky approach but still keep there dark sound, take for example there big summer hit 'Rubber lover' which is a short but sweet dance theme.
I also like an Epic tune to go with an album and 'Demon' definitely delivers on that with its weird beginning to its angelic ending with the lyrics "Get one together" repeated which gives me goosebumps.
You also get your soft slow songs, take 'Kid Gloves' which is a synth pop tune through a mysterious depressing journey which I found myself listening to alot.

Alot of controversy from Biffy Clyro fans on this album have been that it can't stand up to them, so I ask you this, when you listen to this album do not think of them, Marmaduke Duke are a separate identity, a really fun band and a priviage to listen to.

I still come back to listen to this album so this could be a contender to be on my top albums of this year but time will tell, so get ready to get your dancing shoes on.


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