Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Anime - SHE: The Ultimate Weapon or How I didn't learn why this war started and how to love the l33t weapon .

War, its a bitch ain't it, when you see clips of World War or the Vietnam war it really strikes you on how it must of felt going onto the battlefield, killing soilders and hiding in fear from explosions, terrifying eh?
Now imagine your on the battlefield and you see a 17 year old girl with metal wings and a glowing aura, you would think "what the hell is she doing here" same goes to your comrades but without knowing anything about her attack patterns you should get a big 'your all Screwed' sign over you head, this girl is called Chise and she has the power to destoy an intire city in a large radius. Now I don't know if Chise would be a contender for the fictional World Record for 'Most killed by Friendly Fire' award but the amount of allies that died by her power is just insane.

However we don't start with war straight away you acutally find out that it starts on a normal school day where we meet are 3rd year main characters the antisocial male student Shuji and Chise herself who have feelings for themselves but never really express it until you watch future episodes, later on that same day a random air bombing destroys most of the city and Shuji finds out that Chise is an Ultimate weapon. I won't go into the story that much but there are a good amount of surprises in these episodes.

Yep, your screwed.

The main problem I had with this anime is that it never really explains things, like why Japan is at war in matter of fact it never does. I know it might be that the writers wanted to show the horrors of war but I would of at least wanted to know why the Japanese are fighting, at first I would of thought that they were having a civil war which makes sense, armies trying to take over territories in the country but as i kept watch I heard that 'half of the world was destroyed', which just raises more questions: Is it just all nations invading each other and destorying everything? Was this WW3? Did George Bush and Dick Cheney unleash nukes to Russia and vice versa thus the end of the world? We will never know. Also this anime never really made me feel sad or angry in matter of fact I never really felt any emotions.

I was brave enough to go through the dubbed version of this just to see if it was any good and yet I was not impressed to be honest, voice actors had little emotion to all characters and i've never heard the word "Girlfriend" and "Classmate" used so often it was stupid, stick with subbed version people.

I don't really hate this however they did get the gritty war feel on some of the episodes right and some of the important scenes were well executed, plus I watched it to the very end. So I would give this an average rating, its quite a cheap boxset compared to others so if you want to watch a school life, love story, war action, post-apocalyptic anime this could be for you.


I would also like feedback for people who have watched this, hopefully I haven't made any errors on how I described the anime.

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