Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Things to get you into the election night mood

Its been a really interesting election this past month with all the TV debates and all the internet spoofs going on and now because it will be coming to an end tomorrow, here is a list of things that might interest you before the election results:

Monty Python Election night Special

This is actually one of my favourite Monty Python sketches, with the complicated and boring state of election nights, Monty Python crew decided to make this into a fast, insane and exciting yet what the heck is happening sketches.

Plus the names and costumes of the silly and very silly party are hilarious.

Ah well at least we have the Raving Loony Party!

Million Dead - I Am The Party

"Let's kick it off with a leafleting campaign, and follow up with some public meetings, pressing flesh and kissing babies as I smile and promise, things are getting better"

These are the many words spoken in this song, Ignore the people, win the votes and vote for ourselves.

I've known Million Dead for seven years now and this song still sends a chill down my spine, Frank Turner was and still is a genius.


Calling the Gordon Brown Bigot claims on twitter "Bigotgate" reminded me of this film I recently saw.

Although nothing like that, Frost/Nixon is still a brilliantly made film especially the final interview part, its still worth watching.

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