Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Bands and Albums i'm looking forward to in 2010

Last year was fantastic year for music since a lot of my favourite bands brought out album after album but now I believe that this year might be a bit quieter for me otherwise there are a few surprises, still there are a few bands and albums that are coming out soon, here are the ones that I'm looking forward to:

Interpol - TBC

After listening to Paul Banks solo project 'Julian Plenti is... Skyscraper' I thought that it might take a while for them to reform to make there 4th studio album but after announcing a Spring Release Date, its got me really excited.

Ever since I heard 'Slow Hands' from the speakers when I went to see Muse at Earl Court in 2004 they really give out that unique sound and there 3rd album 'Our Love to Admire' gave a more energetic Interpol which sounds fantastic.

From some sources say that this is going to be a "orchestral" sounding new album and is going to be more classical direction and I've seen both Muse and Biffy Clyro (Well Biffy did have strings on there Vertigo of Bliss album) take this direction and I'm really looking forward to what they can do.

Final Fantasy Owen Pallett - Heartland

After watching him perform Bloc Party's 'This Modern Love' and having a similar band name to one of my favourite game series Final Fantasy I gave his 2nd album "He Poo's album" a listen and really enjoyed the orchestral sounds from the album for example the strings from "Song, Song, Song"
For a while Owen Pallett went to do other things and helped put together Arcade Fire's great "Neon Bible" album which had great commercial success in 2007.

Now he is back with Heartland but without the Final Fantasy name for legal reasons, however with all the orchestral experience he made for other bands then this could end up being one superb album.

Delphic - Acolyte

Delphic really got interested when they released "This Momentary" last summer and now that I've heard there new single "Doubt" I'm really looking forward to this album.

If you haven't seen the amazing video to This Momentary check out youtube or there website, if I remember correctly the video was nominated for a few best video awards.

They have been named the new "New Order" but i've never been interested in that, if I really enjoy this album then I will look forward to future Delphic projects.

The Northwestern - TBC

After the sad break up of Hope of the States in 2006, I was hoping for a new HOTS to return soon and I thought that they would stick with instrumental band Troubles however I was glad to learn that some of the band members have reformed under the band "The Northwestern".

After two strong singles and a there very good EP "Ghostrock" I'm looking forward to an album hopefully for this year.

There are other albums like the new Los Campesinos! and new Gorillaz album but this goes to show that I'm looking forward to new music and a few surprises however except for Angels & Airwaves "Love" album which sounds very embrassing.

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